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New Mexico Gas Company
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Transportation Services Department
7120 Wyoming Blvd. Suite 20 MS#BC20
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Name Title E-Mail Address Office Phone Mobile Phone
Michelle Aragon Gas Scheduling Michelle.Aragon@nmgco.com 505.798.3347 505.252.2557
Patricia A. Chavez Representative Patricia.Chavez@nmgco.com 505.697.3579 505.249.3109
Andrea Garcia Representative Andrea.Garcia@nmgco.com 505.697.3544 505.252.2557
Paul D. Mollo Representative Paul.Mollo@nmgco.com 505.697.3553 505.249.3109
Tim O'Brien Manager Tim.OBrien@nmgco.com 505.697.3523 505.917.3185
Gas Scheduling Weekend On-Call nmgcnom-conf@nmgco.com   505.252.2557
Contract Issues Weekend On-Call nmgcnom-conf@nmgco.com   505.249.3109
Market Development
Name Title E-Mail Address Office Phone Mobile Phone
Lloyd Hatch Manager Lloyd.Hatch@nmgco.com 575.625.6351 575.659.9791
Gas Accounting
Name Title E-Mail Address Office Phone Mobile Phone
Betty Stacey Manager Betty.Stacey@nmgco.com 505.798.3399  


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