Liquefied Natural Gas storage

We are making plans to construct a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage facility in an unpopulated area on the west side of the Albuquerque Metro area. If approved by our regulators, the facility will help us better serve our customers. Since the storage facility will be built near our existing transmission pipelines, it will make it easier to provide natural gas to our customers during periods of peak demand or during supply disruptions. The storage tank can be filled during low demand periods when gas prices are down, such as during the summer months.

LNG has been produced, transported and used around the world since the early 1960s. This storage facility will be built using industry best practices and state-of-the-art technology. Many similar projects are in operation throughout the United States.

Plans call for construction to begin in 2024 and for the facility to be in service by late 2026.

In mid-December, we filed an application with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission regarding this project. The formal Notice to Customers, as required by the PRC, can be found here. For access to documents related to the Regulatory filing (NMPRC Case No. 22-00309-UT: LNG Storage Facility), click here. To read the news release, click here.

For access to the entire case, including filings from interested parties, please visit You will be required to enter the case number, which is 22-00309-UT: LNG Storage Facility

For a list of Questions and Answers about the project, click here.

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