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New Mexico Gas Company
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Overview — New Mexico Gas Company

Bringing our customers natural gas safely and reliably is our business. We deliver natural gas to the homes and businesses of approximately 500,000 New Mexico customers.

New Mexico Gas Company owns and operates intrastate transmission and distribution pipeline systems in central, northwestern and southeastern regions of New Mexico. We also own and operate distribution systems served by interstate pipelines throughout the central, eastern and southwestern areas of the state. New Mexico Gas Company has individual distribution areas and two pipeline districts that manage daily distribution of natural gas.

We currently buy natural gas on behalf of our sales customers. The costs of gas are passed directly onto our sales customers. We do not mark up the cost of gas to make a profit on the natural gas our customers use. The cost of gas and the transmission and distribution of natural gas by New Mexico Gas Company is regulated by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) in Santa Fe.

Overview — Gas Transportation Program

Deregulation or “open access” for natural gas has been available to New Mexico Gas Company’s natural gas customers since 1987. Under this option, business customers can choose to buy their natural gas from another marketer to seek lower costs of gas. Natural gas owned by other companies is transported through New Mexico Gas Company pipelines under guidelines issued by the PRC in Rule 660. As a Gas Transportation customer, New Mexico Gas Company will continue to deliver your natural gas to you.

Requests for transportation service will be responded to within 30 days after receipt of the information needed to make a proper determination of the services requested. Services provided to New Mexico Gas Company’s gas transportation-only customers are administered in a manner that neither benefits nor jeopardizes the company’s ability to meet the utility needs of customers who purchase gas from New Mexico Gas Company.

If you are currently a New Mexico Gas Company sales customer and you decide to purchase your natural gas from a marketer, please note that exit fees or credits may be assessed on your final bill from New Mexico Gas Company at the time of the actual transfer in compliance with Rate 70. To receive an estimate of the exit fee or credit amount, please enter your gas account number here.  To view the rates used for the exit fee calculation, click here.

Gas Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is gas transportation service?
A. A service provided by New Mexico Gas Company that allows marketers to transport gas on its pipeline system.

Q. What is a gas marketer?
A. An independent company engaged in transportation of natural gas on New Mexico Gas Company’s pipeline for delivery either to interstate or intrastate customers.

Q. What is deregulation?
A. Open access of our pipelines for other natural gas suppliers to sell gas to New Mexico Gas Company’s customers.

Q. What is the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission?
A. A regulatory agency with jurisdiction that includes the transportation and sale of natural gas

Gas Transportation Terminology

Transportation contracts: A contractual agreement between New Mexico Gas Company and a marketer to transport gas on New Mexico’s Gas Company’s pipeline.

Transportation-only customers: An individual or a company purchasing natural gas from a gas supplier other than New Mexico Gas Company.

System supply sales customers: An individual or a company purchasing gas from New Mexico Gas Company.

On-System transportation: The activity of transporting natural gas on New Mexico Gas Company’s pipelines by a supplier other than New Mexico Gas Company within a designated area in New Mexico (intrastate).

Off-System transportation: The activity of transporting natural gas on New Mexico gas Company’s pipelines into El Paso Natural Gas Company and/or Energy Transfer Partners, LP (formerly Transwestern Pipeline) interstate pipeline markets (interstate).

Customer classification: The grouping of customers based on common characteristics, such as "residential," "commercial," "industrial," "agricultural" and "sale-for-resale."

Transportation Service Request: A New Mexico Gas Company request form to be completed by a potential marketer that provides New Mexico Gas Company with general and financial information.

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