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Pay your gas bill every month by having your payments automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account. This free service lets you be assured that your gas bills are paid every month on time. seniorspaying

With automatic recurring payments, there are no more checks to write and you’ll never have to worry about a missed or late payment or interruption of your natural gas service.

How It Works

Each month your payment is deducted ("drafted") from your bank account on your due date. You will see the draft note on your New Mexico Gas Company bill. (It will appear on bills received in the mail or viewed online with Paperless Billing.) Your bill will tell you the amount of the payment being deducted from your bank account and the payment date. Your monthly bank statement will also show the payment.

Two Ways to Enroll

Automatic Bank Draft
By Mail: Complete and sign an Automatic Authorization Agreement. For a copy of the form, click here to download a pdf copy, or email Customer Service to have an authorization form mailed to you.

If you want your payments deducted from your checking account, attach a voided check to your form. To have payments deducted from your savings account, attach a deposit slip. Mail the Automatic Authorization Agreement and voided check or deposit slip to:

New Mexico Gas Company
Automatic Payment Program
P.O. Box 97500 BC28
Albuquerque, NM 87199-7500

Automatic Recurring Electronic Payments
Online: You can sign up for automatic recurring payments online. Simply log into Manage My Account . Then, follow these easy steps:
  • Payment Options. From your account page, click on the orange “Payment Options” button.
  • Automatic Payments. Select the second payment option, “I would like to pay my bill automatically every month from my bank account.”
  • Sign up. At the Welcome to Automatic Payments page, click on the red “To sign up” link.
  • Enter bank information. Enter the routing number and checking or savings account number of the account you would like your automatic payments withdrawn from. Be sure to select either the checking or savings account button.
  • Verify it. Your bank and account number will appear for you to verify that the information is correct. If it’s not, you can correct it and resubmit your information.
  • Authorize. Finally, click the “Authorize” button to authorize your automatic recurring payments from your bank account. Be sure you have also read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

    You will then receive a confirmation email, as well as a letter in the mail. Your automatic recurring payments has been set up

      When Will It Start?

    Setting up the automatic process at your bank or credit union may take up to six weeks, so we recommend you continue to pay your current balances on your gas bill by the due date until the direct automatic withdrawal process begins. You’ll know it has gone into effect when you see the “draft” message on your gas bill.

    You Can Makes Changes or Cancel Anytime

    To make changes: You can change or update your bank information anytime by logging into your account. Under payment options, click the red “To make changes” link on the automatic payment page. Or, you may also contact our Customer Service to request changes.

    After you’ve entered your changes, they will go into effect after your bank or credit union has completed its set-up processing, which may take up to six weeks. So, just like when you first signed up, please watch your bills closely and pay your current balances by the due date until you see that your payments are again being drafted from your new account.
    Please note that if you have a withdrawal (draft) already pending when you change your bank information, it will be processed using the previous bank and account number unless you call us at least 3 business days before the payment date noted on your bill.

    To cancel: You may cancel automatic payments anytime online by logging into your account. Under payment options, click on the red “To Stop” link on the automatic payments welcome page. Or, you can call New Mexico Gas Company Customer Service at least three (3) business days before your payment is drafted.

    Your cancellation will go into effect within the next two billing cycles. Please pay close attention to your gas bill to note when your payments are no longer being automatically paid and you will need to resume paying your balances by the due dates.

    Please note that if you have a withdrawal (draft) already pending when you cancel, it will be processed unless you call us at least 3 business days before the payment date noted on your bill.


    Call our Customer Service at 505-697-3335 (Albuquerque Metro area) or toll-free at 888-NM-GAS-CO (888-664-2726). Call Center hours are 7:30 am to 6:00 pm weekdays. You may also email Customer Service.
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