Master Meter Operators

Master meter property owners are faced with the difficulty of operating a small utility. As a master meter operator, you must adhere to the same extensive federal and state regulations as a large utility company. Safety audits can be stressful and compliance measures can be costly, not to mention the time-consuming administrative burdens of sub-metering and monthly bills to tenants. NMGC has highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians who exceed safety regulations and requirements. 

Want to get out of the utility business?

Contact us for a free, non-binding cost estimate to change your master meter system to one owned and operated by NMGC with individual tenant meters. 

Conversion Benefits

  • No sub-metering and billing
  • No compliance inspections
  • No high gas bill complaints
  • No utility collections
  • Tenant responsible for gas use
  • NMGC holds system responsibility
  • Utility responds/repairs leaks
  • Utility cathodic protection
  • No gas system maintenance
  • Potential increase in property value

Master Meter Challenges

  • Insuring safety of the gas system
  • Pipeline safety reporting/inspection
  • Contracting for leak surveys
  • Contracting for cathodic protection
  • Contracting for gas system repairs
  • Liability
  • Energy conservation
  • Tenant high bill complaints
  • Utility bill collections
  • Tenant and 3rd party damage to gas system

For information please contact Michelle Romero at 505-697-3655. 

Our team will assess your master meter system through a field inspection then work with you on the design of a new gas distribution system and locations for individual meters. You'll receive the most cost-effective design.

Customer revenue credits would be applied to the estimate and the final cost submitted for your review. There is no obligation to move forward with the conversion.