Pro Pipe

Some customers have asked if Pro Pipe is a scam. The answer is no. Pro Pipe is a legitimate contractor that is performing work for New Mexico Gas Company.

Natural gas utilities across the country have discovered locations where gas pipes were inadvertently installed through sewer pipes. This is known as a cross bore. It doesn’t create a safety hazard as long as the natural gas pipe is undamaged. However, damage to gas pipes can occur when equipment is used to unclog sewer pipes. This can lead to a gas leak that could result in a fire or explosion, possibly causing injury or death to those who unclog the sewer pipes and to those who are inside structures that are connected to the sewer pipe.

NMGC has hired Pro Pipe to inspect sewer lines across New Mexico. Pro Pipe will try to contact you before inspecting your home’s sewer line. If they are unable to reach you, they will proceed with the inspection. If any natural gas lines are found to be damaged or intersecting with sewer lines, they will report it to New Mexico Gas Company and we will make plans for repairs. 

If you have questions, please call Emmanuel Appiah Kubi at (505) 697-3597.

If you would like more information on cross bores and sewer line safety click here


Pro-Pipe is working in Albuquerque in the red square area indicated above. 

Pro Pipe is working in Alamogordo in the red square area indicated above.