Regulatory Information

Rules and Regulations

As a regulated utility, New Mexico Gas Company (NMGC) operates under rules and regulations set by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC).

NMGC has adopted standard rates and rules to govern our relations with customers. These have been approved by the NMPRC.

Docketed Cases

NMPRC Case No. 20-00130-UT

Every four years NMGC is required to request approval from the NMPRC for the continued use of its Purchased Gas Adjustment Clause. The Purchased Gas Adjustment Clause is the mechanism used to determine the cost of gas billed each month. NMGC filed its request on June 11, 2020, and was docketed as NMPRC Case No. 20-00130-UT. For more information please see the following Customer Notice.

NMPRC Case No. 19-00317-UT

NMGC has filed its 2019 rate case docketed as NMPRC Case No. 19-00317-UT. The documents below include the Customer Notice, initial filing and other pertinent information. 

Unopposed Stipulation

Customer Notice of Proceeding and Hearing
Executive Summary
Press Release
Comparison Chart
Direct Testimony – Ryan A. Shell
Direct Testimony – Tom C. Bullard
Direct Testimony – Edward J. Kacer
Direct Testimony – Kevin D. Sturgill
Direct Testimony –  Denise E. Wilcox
Direct Testimony – Lesley J. Nash
Direct Testimony – Deirdre M. Kann
Direct Testimony – Davicel Avellan
Direct Testimony – Adrien M. McKenzie
Direct Testimony – Michael J. Adams
Direct Testimony – Daniel P. Yardley


Integrated Resource Plan

NMGC hosted five Integrated Resource Plan public advisory meetings throughout New Mexico in 2019 and early-2020. These meetings were hosted in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and our offices in Anthony, Roswell and Farmington to receive public input, feedback and ask questions about our company-plans.

Our Integrated Resource Plan, that is required by the NMPRC, is a four-year resource and system planning report developed with consideration from the public advisory meetings. The public advisory meetings and subsequent plan provides information on load forecasts, evaluation of existing gas supply and customer demand, identification of resource options, examination of price volatility and general attributes of potential resources, and modeling and risk assumptions leading to the development of a cost-effective portfolio of gas utility resources. See below for our slide deck which was presented at the public advisory meetings, the applicalbe IRP rule and the plan.

Energy Efficiency Programs

NMGC offers a host of cost-effective energy efficiency programs approved by the NMPRC. The program year for these offerings begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 each year. Annually, we file with the PRC both a Measurement and Verification Report and an Energy Efficiency Program Annual Report.

Prior-Year Energy Efficiency Reporting

2020 Energy Efficiency Notice of Hearing and Proceeding

2019 Measurement and Verification Report

2019 Energy Efficiency Program Annual Report