Meter Read Schedules

When is the meter reader scheduled to come to your home or business?

You can learn when your gas meter is scheduled to be read each month, by following these two easy steps:

1. Look on your New Mexico Gas Company bill to learn what cycle you are on. You will find this on the far left hand side of the top of your bill. Your cycle is the first two digits. In this example below, John Doe is on cycle 09. 

Example of a bill with gas meter schedule code.

Billing Cycle

2. To download and print a copy of the 2024 Self Meter Reading Schedule, which lists the meter reading dates for each cycle, please click here

In order for our meter readers to read your meter, please help ensure that there is ready access to the meter: any gates are unlocked, any dogs are secured, and nothing is blocking the meter. When summer approaches, please remember to keep weeds and other plants from blocking your meter and during the winter, please keep snow and ice from blocking your meter. Thank you!