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For our budget-minded customers, we offer a convenient way to pay your natural gas bills while leveling out high winter bills.

Our Budget Billing program helps avoid month-to-month fluctuations in your gas bill and makes managing your budget easier. With Budget Billing, your payments during the plan year, September through August, are evened out so that you pay the same amount each month. 

You can sign up for Budget Billing quickly and easily online at Manage My Account. You may also contact us or visit any New Mexico Gas Company Business Office to make your request.

        Budget Billing Evens Out Your Monthly Bills
Budget Billing Graph
Natural gas bills fluctuate and are typically higher in the winter and lower in the summer. 
When you sign up for Budget Billing, and at the beginning of each Budget Billing year in September, we look at the amount of natural gas you historically use, the expected seasonal temperatures, the anticipated cost of natural gas for the coming months, and any other changes in rates, fees and taxes, to determine your monthly Budget Bill payment amount. Each month, you only pay that same amount.

We still read your meter and record the actual natural gas you use. In February, we review your actual gas usage and your Budget Billing payment amount to make sure you haven’t paid too much or too little. Over time, you do not pay any more or less with Budget Billing.

budgeting On your monthly bill, you can see the balance of the actual gas usage you’ve paid for and how much you’ve been billed. This running balance for your Budget Billing account is found in a gray box at the bottom of your monthly bill. When your “Gas Budget Bill Balance" has a minus sign, your Budget Bill payments have been more than actual usage amounts. When there is no sign, then your payments have been less than actual usage amounts.

If you have a concern that you could get a large bill at the end of the year, don’t worry — any balance is simply rolled over into the next year and your monthly bills are adjusted. There are no balloon payments unless you choose to stop the plan and have a debit.

If, for whatever reasons, you are concerned that your monthly Budget Billing amounts are too high or too low, please feel free to contact us. Or, if your individual situation changes and you know you will have unusually higher or lower natural gas bills this winter, contact us and we will be happy to review your Budget Billing plan with you.

Eligibility and Enrollment

To be eligible for Budget Billing, you must be current in your bills and continue to pay them on time or entered into and complying with a settlement or installment agreement. Eligible customers may enroll or disenroll at any time. When you leave the program, any balance — overpayment (credit) or underpayment (debit) — will be reflected on your next bill statement.

The best time to sign up for Budget Billing to get the lowest Budget Billing payment amount is in the summer or fall. 

How to pay your Budget Bill automatically

Many of our Budget Billing customers find automatic payments the most convenient way to pay their bills without having to write a check each month. This program allows you to pay automatically by having the money withdrawn from your checking or savings accounts. You still receive a paper copy of your bill for your records, about ten days before your Budget Billing amount is deducted from your account. For more information on automatic payments, please see the link on the left.
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