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If you are currently a New Mexico Gas Company business customer and considering buying your natural gas from a marketer of natural gas other than New Mexico Gas Company, we will provide the information and instructions you need to help you make the best decision for you and your business.

In Considering Natural Gas Marketers

If you are considering buying natural gas from an independent gas marketer, or are approached by one, there are many factors to evaluate that can affect your final costs. Here are a few guidelines to help you.

New Mexico Gas Company Gas Transportation Department encourages you to contact all shippers before making your selection. For a list of outside independent gas marketers using New Mexico Gas Company pipelines, the On-System Marketers list may be downloaded (pdf) here.

Please note that gas marketers are not affiliated with New Mexico Gas Company but are independent businesses.

Evaluating marketer options
Understanding your options when considering various marketers’ programs and contracts is important to help you ensure you’re getting the most beneficial agreement. You may want to ask the following questions when evaluating marketer contracts:
  • What other costs, in addition to the cost of gas, are involved?
  • What are the terms, duration, penalties and billing options?
  • What is the procedure to handle complaints and problems?
  • Under what conditions would the marketer terminate the agreement for nonpayment?
  • Are there any savings guarantees or incentives?
  • Does the program require the purchase of other energy services?
  • Does the program require an application fee or service fee?
  • What are the cancellation rights under reasonable circumstances, such as relocation?
Should you want New Mexico Gas Company to release your one-year gas consumption history to a gas marketer, written authorization given to New Mexico Gas Company’s Gas Transportation Department is required for the protection of your privacy. New Mexico Gas Company will not release any information about you or your account without your written permission.

If you have any questions or need assistance concerning the Gas Transportation Program or selecting an outside gas marketer, please contact New Mexico Gas Company Gas Transportation Services.

Marketers Cost of Gas

If you choose to purchase gas from a source other than New Mexico Gas Company:
  • The price you pay will be determined by you and the natural gas marketer you select. You no longer will be billed by New Mexico Gas Company.
  • You will receive your natural gas bill from your new marketer under the terms and rates of your agreement with your marketer.
  • New Mexico Gas Company will continue to ensure that your natural gas supply reaches your home or business. Therefore, you should continue to report any safety problems, gas odors or suspected gas leaks to New Mexico Gas Company even if you do not purchase your natural gas directly from us.
If you are a customer consuming more than 10,000 therms per year, please complete and submit the Exit Fee or Credit Estimate Request Form, available (pdf) here. To calculate an estimate of the exit fee or credit amount, please enter your gas account number here. To view the rates used for the exit fee calculation, please click here.

New Mexico Gas Company Account Status

You must be current with your New Mexico Gas Company gas bill to be accepted by a gas marketer other than New Mexico Gas Company. If, for any reason, the agreement between you and your gas marketer is broken or dissolved, the supply of natural gas to your home or business will not be interrupted. Your natural gas will be provided by New Mexico Gas Company at the rates established by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC).

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