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Food preparation accounts for 35 percent of a restaurant’s energy use, but much of that is lost due to inefficient appliances. In fact, restaurants use about 2.5 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

In the restaurant and food service business, we know that every dollar counts and energy efficiency makes sound business sense. To help you save energy and save money, we have five Commercial Food Service Energy Efficiency Rebates just for you.

Please click on each link below, or to the left, to learn more about these energy saving appliances and our rebates for our business customers: 

                $720 Rebate on a qualifying ENERGY STAR Gas Convection Oven 
                $500 Rebate on a qualifying ENERGY STAR Gas Fryer 
                $300 Rebate on a qualifying ENERGY STAR Dish Washer 
                $225 Rebate on a qualifying ENERGY STAR Gas Griddle 
                $10 Rebate on a qualifying Low Flow Pre-Rinse Valve

Additional Resources

For more information and tools that can assist in your purchasing decisions and help you make your food service more energy efficient, these additional resources may also be of service to you:

Food Service Technology Center — A commercial kitchen energy efficiency and appliance resource, complete with a library of information on equipment performance and testing evaluations, life-cycle and cost calculators, savings calculators, and independent research to guide your equipment purchasing decisions.

ENERGY STAR® Guide for Restaurants—Putting Energy into Profit (pdf)

Commercial Kitchen Package for Businesses and Operators from ENERGY STAR (pdf)

Energy Equipment Savings Fact Sheet (pdf)
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