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Some users of craigslist have reported to us that they have received counterfeit checks that purport to be from New Mexico Gas Company. There are certain things in common with these counterfeit checks.  Be on the lookout for any (or all) of the following circumstances: 

  • You get the check in response to a posting on craigslist or other on-line bulletin board site
  • The check arrives by USPS Priority Mail or by UPS or Fed Ex overnight service
  • The return address is from a business or institution other than New Mexico Gas Company
  • The check is made out for more than the agreed purchase price with instructions to deposit the check and mail or wire the excess funds to a third party
  • Some checks have been presented as cash advances for employment, but also have instructions to wire excess funds to a third party
  • The name and address on the check are not capitalized correctly
  • The memo is generic and does not really apply to the transaction – example -- “for services rendered” if you are selling a set of tires or “payment approved”
  • The buyer may communicate through e-mail, phone calls, and/or text messages

     Some or all of the above “red flags” may be present.

New Mexico Gas Company does not purchase items or solicit services on craigslist

  • If you have received a check under the above circumstances, it is a counterfeit and will not be honored by our bank. Even if your bank takes it as a deposit, the check will not clear, and your bank will reverse the deposit. 
  • New Mexico Gas Company is not a party to this fraud and will not be responsible for any bank fees that your bank may charge when the counterfeit check fails to clear.
  • We encourage you to contact our Customer Service 866-664-2726  if you have one of these checks or email us at NewMexicoGasFraudAlert@nmgco.com.  We are working with law enforcement and are gathering any information that you can provide.