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For your safety, New Mexico Gas Company service technicians recommend that you have your furnace professionally checked every year before turning it on for the winter. The older the furnace, the more important it is to have it serviced annually. In addition to being tested and inspected, your furnace may require adjustments, burner cleaning, repairs or replacement of worn parts to make sure it is working safely and efficiently. A dirty and poorly running or ventilated furnace, especially an older one, can build up dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide if the natural gas burns incompletely.

A licensed plumber or heating contractor should perform these safety checks:
  • Carbon monoxide safety test.
  • Heat exchanger and fire box tests for leaks, cracks and other damage. 
  • Inspection of venting system to make sure the furnace is properly ventilated with no cracks or blockages.
  • Chimney and flue checked for hazardous debris.
  • Burners cleaned and set for proper combustion and ignition.
  • Gas pilot safety system checked and cleaned.
  • Proper flame characteristics evaluated. The flame should look sharp, stable and blue to indicate the gas is burning as purely as possible. A yellow flame indicates a poorly adjusted or dirty burner, which prevents it from mixing the gas and air properly.
  • Fan, motor, bearings, belts and pumps checked, cleaned and lubricated, according to the furnace’s specifications. Fan belt condition, tension and alignment checked and required adjustments made. Blower operation checked.
  • Operation of thermostat and safety controls checked.

What you can do:
  • Change your furnace filter every month while the furnace is in use.
  • Keep your sidewall vents and ducts to the outside free from blockages, such as snow build-up around it during the winter.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Please visit the links on the left for more information on installation, location and maintenance of carbon monoxide detectors.
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