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New Mexico Gas Company offers both On-System (retail) and Off-System (interstate) transportation services to marketers.

On-System service. This is natural gas transportation to existing natural gas customers connected to New Mexico Gas Company’s natural gas systems. Under New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Rule 660, all New Mexico Gas Company’s customers are eligible for On-System service without regard to their daily gas load or customer classification. 

Off-System service. New Mexico Gas Company also has the ability to deliver natural gas into interstate markets, where the Company has interconnections with El Paso Natural Gas Company or Transwestern Pipeline Company. This natural gas is designated for delivery to end users outside the New Mexico Gas Company’s gas utility service area, and the priority of service is lower than gas transported for On-System and for New Mexico Gas Company’s sales customers. Natural gas producers and marketers who supply their markets in other states have utilized this service.

End users consuming more than 10,000 therms per year, must complete and submit the Exit Fee or Credit Estimate Request Form (pdf), available here or to calculate an estimate of the exit fee or credit amount, please enter your gas account number here. To view the rates used for the exit fee calculation, please click here.

Getting Started as a Gas Marketer

To become a marketer on the New Mexico Gas Company’s system, follow these contracting procedures:

1. Complete and submit a Transportation Request Form, along with the application fees and requested financial information, to New Mexico Gas Company Gas Transportation Department, as instructed on the form.

2. New Mexico Gas Company will review the request and contact the prospective marketer for any additional information required in order to facilitate the initiation of transportation service. Within 30 days of submission of a completed Transportation Request Form, New Mexico Gas Company will provide either a standard contract for execution or a written explanation of why the service was denied.

3. Gas marketers with valid, executed gas transportation contracts must then follow the nomination procedure under Form 38. 

4. Upon the marketer’s submission of a completed nomination form to New Mexico Gas Company, via email or fax, and after confirmation of such nomination, New Mexico Gas Company will begin transporting the marketer’s natural gas, in accordance with Rule 38.


New Mexico Gas Company, Inc. CRS No: 03-138477-003

NMGC will require your New Mexico CRS Identification Number in order to issue a New Mexico Nontaxable Transaction Certificate(NTTC) for exemption from NM Gross Receipts Tax. To apply for and complete a NTTC online, go towww.tax.newmexico.gov/Businesses/Non-Taxable-Transaction-Certificates. Please provide a copy of the certificate to:

New Mexico Gas Company, Transportation Services, P.O. Box 97500 ~ MS# BC5, Albuquerque, NM 87199-7500

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