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Select and print the pdf form(s) required for your project from the following list:

Service Application for Commercial and Industrial Projects
Service Application for Sub Division Projects
Service Application for Single Residential Project
Request for Service (NOTE: opening this PDF form may require use of the Internet Explorer web browser)

These forms and documents relate to changes to physical connections and equipment — for example, meters or gas pipes. These are not needed for new or changed service at locations with existing connections and equipment, as typically is the case for most customers when moving into or out of a home or small business.

Gas meter set location criteria
  • For standard residential meter locations, New Mexico Gas Company requires that the riser is always 18 inches to the left of the houseline.
  • The New Mexico Gas Company riser should be located a minimum of 3 feet from the electric meter panel or electrical source.
  • For meter set locations near an operating window, New Mexico Gas Company requires that the riser must be 36 inches from the operating side of the window.
  • Meters may be set under a fixed non-operating window.
  • New Mexico Gas Company requires that gas risers be 36 inches from a garage door or driveway.
  • New Mexico Gas Company requires that gas risers must be a minimum of 10 feet from swamp coolers or any return air intake into a structure.
  • New Mexico Gas Company requires that the gas riser be located at least 36 inches to the left or 36 inches to the right of a combustion air vent.
  • The meter shall not be placed directly under a down spout due to the fact that the regulator could freeze if saturated with water during cold months.

External release regulators are required to be 36 inches from any door. Large meters designed with OPSOs may be placed next to the door. Care should be taken to ensure that the door does not hit the meter station if the door opens outward.

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