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44¢ Cost of natural gas
Much of your natural gas bill — 44 cents of every dollar — goes to pay for the natural gas you use. New Mexico Gas Company makes no money on the gas itself. We work hard to get the lowest available market prices for our customers. New Mexico Gas Company customers have among the lowest costs of natural gas in the continental United States.
46¢ Cost of delivering gas
Bringing natural gas to you safely and dependably is our business. It’s our only business.

Forty-six cents of every dollar you spend goes towards bringing natural gas to you. The costs of delivering natural gas to our customers begins with the expertise of our experienced natural gas engineers and technicians working behind the scenes. Our employees work to ensure that the design and construction of pipelines meet stringent safety standards. We conduct ongoing safety inspections of the approximate 12,000 miles of pipelines we maintain, apply sophisticated technology to protect them from corrosion, and use extremely sensitive instruments to detect the smallest of leaks. We also work with emergency responders, local public officials and excavators to safeguard the safety of people living and working near natural gas pipelines.

Our customers are most familiar with the friendly faces of our natural gas service employees who perform safety checks and make sure that gas appliances and meters are operating safely; read the meters; mark the location of natural gas lines in our communities for those planning digging projects; and respond to emergencies, such as natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide problems, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Finally, our customer service representatives are there for customers who call for service and assistance with natural gas-related questions, billing and service needs.

10¢ Federal, state and local taxes and fees

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