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New Mexico Gas Company customers may view their current and past natural gas bills, one-year payment history, and gas usage online.

These services are available to all of our customers, residential and commercial, with no restrictions and regardless of how you choose to pay your bills. Viewing your account online at Manage My Account.

Here’s how to access your account online —
1. Log into your account at Manage My Account .

2. This will take you to your personal and secure homepage:
Your account number will appear in the drop down menu at the top. If you have multiple accounts, you can view the information on each account that you select in the drop down menu. Active accounts at the time of sign-up are noted with an “A” and inactive accounts with an “I.” New requests for natural gas service with service orders that are not closed are designated with an “N.”

If you are unable to see one of your accounts, please contact us.

3. To find the account information you want to view:
On the left side of your homepage, you’ll see your current natural gas bill information, including previous balance, last payment and balance due. Any important messages or alerts about your account or gas service will also appear in red. An added benefit is that your monthly bill is available online several days before it would normally reach you by mail.

On the right side, you’ll find a variety of “Self-Serve” customer services to select from. Simply click on the option you want:
  • Change my account profile: To change your password or email address.
  • View current and past bills: To view your current and past gas bills for up to one year, and print out pdf copies.
  • View my bill payments: To access up to a one-year history of your bill payments. You will also be able to view here pending electronic payments that you've authorized but have not yet been processed by your bank.
  • View my gas usage: To see how much natural gas you’ve used each month for up to the past year. Here, you can view the dates your meter was read (listed as the “charge date”), the number of days read, the meter reading, cost per cubic foot (CCF), therms you used, and your total charges.
  • View gas usage charts: To see your natural gas usage in a chart form.
  • Paperless billing: To sign up for Paperless Billing.
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