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When the weather turns cold, natural gas bills typically go up about five times higher than the lowest summer bill. That’s because most of us are using more natural gas because furnaces are the single biggest user of natural gas.

What goes into your winter heating bills

The biggest factor on your bill amount is how much natural gas you use. You can control some of factors that contribute to how much natural gas you use during the winter, such as your thermostat temperature, the number of rooms and square footage you heat,the age and energy efficiency of your appliances and your conservation efforts.

There are simple things you can do today and over the long-term to help you lower your winter heating bills and reduce your natural gas usage. 

Download our Tips For Conserving Energy and Lowering Your Winter Heating Bills here.

If you’ve experienced higher than typical gas bills, we want to help 
Contact us immediately if you need help managing the amount you own on your gas bill or if you have concerns about unanticipated high gas usage. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help examine your account and, if necessary, our service technicians will check your gas service.
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