Excess Flow Valves

Excess flow valves are devices that New Mexico Gas Company can install on your home or business natural gas service line - the underground line that runs from the main line to the meter. 

EFVs are designed to restrict natural gas flow when it exceeds prescribed limits, such as when a service line is damaged due to excavation or similar activity. Excess flow valves are not able to protect against leaks beyond the meter assembly (your house piping).

These devices help prevent the buildup of gas — reducing the chance of natural gas fires and explosions, personal injury and property damage. They are not required for the normal, safe operation of customer service lines.

On existing service lines, it’s up to the customer to choose to install an EFV, and installation is performed at the customer's expense. Cost can vary depending on the difficulty of installation. Once installed, there is no additional cost to the customer to maintain the EFV. Customers may request installation and pricing information by calling NMGC at 1-888-664-2726.