Flexible Natural Gas Connectors

Flexible natural gas connectors are corrugated metal tubes that attach gas appliances to a home or building’s natural gas supply pipes. Some flexible connectors manufactured between 1970 and 1980 fail over time and need to be replaced. 

  • Only a qualified technician, such as a licensed plumber, HVAC or contractor, should inspect your appliances and, if necessary, replace the connectors for you. Don’t attempt to do this yourself. 
  • After disconnecting gas appliances, gas connectors should always be removed, and the fuel line should be plugged and capped. 
  • Gas pipes should be properly maintained and never used for unintended uses such as hanging clothes. These connectors are used most often with gas ranges, ovens, clothes dryers, furnaces and water heaters. 

For your safety, we recommend that you contact a qualified HVAC or plumbing professional. Do not attempt to move or inspect natural gas appliances on your own. Moving an appliance even slightly could result in the connector failing and potentially creating a dangerous situation.