A Natural Choice

Efficient? Naturally.

Natural gas is an efficient and affordable source of energy for heating homes and businesses. New Mexico Gas Company’s energy efficiency programs could help you save even more. When it comes to smart energy, natural gas from New Mexico Gas Company is a natural choice.

We offer a range of programs to help residential and business customers save on natural gas bills through high-efficiency showerheads, insulation, smart thermostats and high-efficiency water heaters and furnaces. Learn more here

When it comes to saving money on your home and business heating, we’ve got you covered.


Reliable? Naturally.

At New Mexico Gas Company, reliably serving our customers is at the forefront of everything we do. When it comes to smart energy, natural gas from New Mexico Gas Company is a natural choice.

We are constantly monitoring our 12,000-mile pipeline network and we regularly perform inspections to ensure the integrity of our system. We also invest in capital projects to upgrade or replace pipeline infrastructure.

Why do we do it? To make sure you’ve got a warm home during cold weather with hot water and fuel for the appliances that help you take care of your family.


Affordable? Naturally.

Some comforts are essential – like a warm home and hot water. Affordable natural gas bills from New Mexico Gas Company are among the lowest in the nation. When it comes to smart energy, natural gas from New Mexico Gas Company is a natural choice.

We’re fortunate in New Mexico to be situated near two major natural gas basins – the San Juan and the Permian. The gas that’s extracted here is cheaper for our customers compared to other parts of the country thanks to savings on transportation costs.

We also monitor markets to make sure the gas going into your home is purchased at the lowest rates. Our cost of gas is passed to you with no markup.


Community? Naturally.

New Mexico’s abundant supplies of natural gas provide a substantial economic benefit to our state. New Mexico Gas Company is proud to play an important role in distributing natural gas to New Mexico homes to help families stay warm during cold weather.

We’re proud that our employees volunteer in communities across New Mexico, supporting local causes like United Way and food banks and food pantries. Our parent company, Emera, provided $5 million to promote economic development in every area of the state, even in regions where we don’t provide natural gas service.

We care about giving back to the places where we live and work, and that’s why we’re active in our communities.


Assistance? Naturally.

At New Mexico Gas Company, we’re proud to support our communities and our customers. We understand some people are struggling because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Payment plans and assistance programs are available if you’re experiencing financial challenges. We’re here to help.

Call us at 1-888-664-2726. Our customer Call Center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. We’ll help you get things figured out!