Pipeline Locations and Markers

Underground pipelines can be located anywhere 

They can be found under public roads, railroads, street intersections, open fields, and on private property. For your protection, line markers are used to indicate the pipeline’s approximate location. 
Calling 811 is still required for marking the pipelines before digging.

•    Are yellow
•    Are typically seen where a pipeline intersects a street, highway or railway
•    Are not required for all pipeline facilities
•    Do not indicate the pipeline’s depth or exact location
•    List emergency telephone numbers in case of a natural gas emergency

Make sure markers are left undisturbed to serve as a reminder that natural gas lines are in the area. Additionally, below-ground markers, such as yellow tape or mesh, may be present to warn excavators to the presence of buried pipe. If this below-ground marking tape is encountered, stop work immediately and call NMGC at 1-888-NM-GAS-CO (1-888-664-2726).

A yellow pipeline marker.