Snow Meter Safety

Heavy snow and ice falling from roofs can damage natural gas meters, regulators, and associated natural gas piping. Special care must be taken when clearing roofs to prevent impact. Also, ice and snow accumulation, whether natural or man-made, can damage gas meters and outdoor appliances and create a hazardous leak.

  • Use a broom, instead of a shovel where possible, to clear snow or ice from natural gas meters and outdoor appliances, including regulators, associated piping, and propane appliances.
  • When shoveling or plowing, don’t pile snow on gas meters or outdoor appliances.
  • Keep all outside gutters free of leaves and debris, including those above or near the natural gas meter and outdoor appliances.
  • Natural gas appliances require proper exhaust and ventilation. It’s important to know the location of air supply and exhaust ducts, and keep them free of snow, ice, leaves, or other debris. Keeping vents clear can prevent operational problems for appliances and the accumulation of carbon monoxide in buildings.