Transportation Contact Information

Transportation Services Department

7120 Wyoming Blvd. Suite 20 MS#BC20
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Transportation information:,

Paul Mollo, Representative:, (c) 505-249-3109, (o) 505-697-3553

Michelle Aragon, Representative:, (c) 505-252-2557, (o) 505-798-3347

Rodela Anderson, Representative:, (c) 505-264-3460, (o) 505-697-3645

Kyle Brayton Director, Gas Management:, (c) 505-525-3312, (o) 505-697-3621

Gas Scheduling Weekend On-Call:, (o) 505-697-4335

Market Development

Lloyd Hatch, Manager:, (c) 505-659-9791, (o) 575-625-6351

Gas Accounting

Rodolfo Guerrero, Manager:, (c) 505-228-4358 (o) 505-697-3666

Approved Transporters

Click here for a list of the approved transporters