Transportation Contact Information

Transportation Services Department

7120 Wyoming Blvd. Suite 20 MS#BC20
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Transportation Information,

Michelle Aragon, Transportation Admin,, (o) 505.798.3347, (c) 505.252.2557

Patricia A. Chavez, Representative,, (o) 505.697.3579, (c) 505.452.7536

Paul D. Mollo, Representative,, (o) 505.697.3553, (c) 505.249.3109

Joshua Tilbury, Manager, (c) 505.553.4668

Gas Scheduling Weekend On-Call,, (o) 505.697.4335, (c) 505.252.2557

Market Development

Lloyd Hatch, Manager,, (o) 575.625.6351, (c) 505.659.9791

Gas Accounting

Betty Stacey, Manager,, 505.798.3399     

Approved Transporters

Click here for a list of the approved transporters.