Cost of Gas

Several factors determine your monthly natural gas bill — one is the cost of the natural gas you use. As a regulated utility, New Mexico Gas Company does not make a profit on the natural gas we purchase for our customers. These costs from market suppliers are passed directly on to our customers.

Beginning July 2021, the monthly cost of gas charges will include an additional amount to recover the costs incurred by NMGC during the February 2021 Winter Weather Event. On June 15, 2021, the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission approved our request  to minimize the impact to your monthly bill by spreading the recovery of these costs through the end of December 2023. To level out the impact to Residential Customers’ monthly bill, the monthly cost of gas will be adjusted seasonally. From May through September $0.2761 per therm will be added to the monthly cost of gas rate. From October through April the rate to be added will change to $0.0675. Irrigation customers will see an increase of $0.0179 per therm to their monthly gas cost rate. A monthly rate of $0.0986 per therm will be added to non-residential customers’ cost of gas rate. For additional information, please visit this page.

The current rates are available below. You may also call us at 505-697-3335 (Albuquerque Metro) or toll free at 1-888-NM-GAS-CO (1-888-664-2726) for the current information. Your monthly New Mexico Gas Company bill also includes the projected natural gas charges for the following month.

Month Residential Irrigation Non-Residential
September 2021 $0.7543 per therm $0.4961 per therm $0.5768 per therm
August 2021 $0.7660 per therm $0.5078 per therm $0.5885 per therm
July 2021 $0.7156 per therm $0.4574 per therm $0.5381 per therm

June 2021
$0.3379 per therm

May 2021
$0.1993 per therm

April 2021
$0.4810 per therm

March 2021
$0.4199 per therm

February 2021
$0.3124 per therm

January 2021
$0.3081 per therm

December 2020
$0.3558 per therm

November 2020
$0.2962 per therm

October 2020
$0.2474 per therm

September 2020
$0.2840 per therm

August 2020
$0.0900 per therm

July 2020
$0.2112 per therm

June 2020
$0.1200 per therm

May 2020
$0.0500 per therm

April 2020
$0.0339 per therm

March 2020
$0.1007 per therm

February 2020
$0.2124 per therm 

January 2020
$0.2436 per therm 

December 2019
$0.2444 per therm 

November 2019
$0.2036 per therm 

October 2019
$0.3023 per therm

September 2019
$0.2572 per therm

August 2019
$0.2576 per therm

July 2019
$0.2531 per therm

June 2019
$0.2154 per therm 

May 2019
$0.1001 per therm

April 2019
$0.0409 per therm

March 2019
$0.2499 per therm

February 2019
$0.2552 per therm

January 2019
$0.3213 per therm