Cost of Gas

Several factors determine your monthly natural gas bill — one is the cost of the natural gas you use. As a regulated utility, New Mexico Gas Company does not make a profit on the natural gas we purchase for our customers. These costs from market suppliers are passed directly on to our customers.

Current gas price information is updated twice monthly. The current rates are available here on our website. You may also call us at 505-697-3335 (Albuquerque Metro) or toll free at 1-888-NM-GAS-CO (1-888-664-2726) for the current information. Your monthly New Mexico Gas Company bill also includes the projected natural gas charges for the following month.

August 2019
$0.2576 per therm

July 2019
$0.2531 per therm

June 2019
$0.2154 per therm 

May 2019
$0.1001 per therm

April 2019
$0.0409 per therm

March 2019
$0.2499 per therm

February 2019
$0.2552 per therm

January 2019
$0.3213 per therm

December 2018
$0.2896 per therm 

November 2018
$0.3042 per therm

October 2018
$0.2393 per therm

September 2018
$0.3487 per therm

August 2018
$0.1907 per therm

July 2018
$0.1815 per therm

June 2018
$0.1507 per therm

May 2018
$0.1070 per therm 

April 2018
$0.2358 per therm

March 2018
$0.3164 per therm

February 2018
$0.3482 per therm

January 2018
$0.3287 per therm

Natural gas flame with a chart of prices behind it.