Efficient Natural Gas

Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. It has very low levels of pollutants and emits less carbon relative to other fossil fuels. When natural gas is used, very little fuel is wasted from production through end-user combustion. It is an abundant and affordable domestic fuel.


Since our inception in 2009, New Mexico Gas Company has made significant efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both through initiatives associated with company operations and by offering robust energy efficiency programs to our customers.

The units at our compressor stations have catalysts to control emissions of pollutants, and we perform regular testing to ensure that our equipment across New Mexico is controlling emissions.

Through our participation in voluntary EPA programs, we are modernizing our distribution system by replacing old pipes and older equipment at compressor stations to reduce methane emissions.

Looking ahead, we support natural gas as the foundation fuel for a new energy portfolio, including its use as a replacement for other fossil fuels and as a transitional fuel during the development of renewable energy. 


NMGC's efficient compression stations.