Rights of Way

While most of our pipelines run along public roads, some cross under private property. To protect the pipelines and our communities, along the pipelines we establish a path called a Right of Way where permanent structures are prohibited. The Right of Way allows New Mexico Gas Company to inspect, repair, maintain or replace pipeline on property that is owned by others. The Right of Way can measure 25 to 150 feet wide. Pipeline markers are often placed along the Right of Way to indicate the pipeline’s approximate location. 

Right of Ways prohibit permanent structures such as:

•    Houses
•    Trailers
•    Mobile Homes
•    Poles 
•    Decks
•    Trees
•    Tool Sheds
•    Garages
•    Swimming Pools
•    Septic Tanks

When planning landscaping near underground utilities, the right plant in the right location can enhance the natural beauty of your home and help protect the safety of your community. However, trees and plants located too close to natural gas transmission pipelines can delay emergency access for safety crews and damage pipes. Before you begin any landscaping work, always call 811 at least two business days in advance.

A pipeline marker on private property.