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New Mexico Gas Company
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Rate No. PDF Description
1-2 PDF Rate Rider No. 2–NTUA Transportation Charge
1-4 PDF Rate Rider No. 4–Cost of Gas Component
1-7 PDF Rate Rider No. 7–Special Charges
1-14 PDF Rate Rider No. 14–Miscellaneous Surcharge and Credits
1-15 PDF Rate Rider No. 15–Energy Efficiency Program
10 PDF Residential Services
11 PDF Miscellaneous Fees and Charges
30 PDF Irrigation Service
31 PDF Water and Sewage Pumping
35 PDF Cogeneration Service
37 PDF Gas Air Conditioning
39 PDF Alternative Fuels Vehicle
54 PDF Small Volume – General Service
56 PDF Medium Volume – General Service
58 PDF Large Volume – General Service
61 PDF Sale for Resale
70 PDF Transportation Service
114 PDF District Energy System Service
116 PDF Landlord Standby Service

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