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Albuquerque Oct 01 80/55F Partly Sunny
  Oct 02 81/56F Mostly Sunny
Santa Fe Oct 01 78/45F Thunderstorms
  Oct 02 70/43F Mostly Sunny
Farmington Oct 01 71/43F Mostly Sunny
  Oct 02 74/46F Mostly Sunny
Gallup Oct 01 74/F Partly Sunny
  Oct 02 80/46F Partly Sunny
Taos Oct 01 78/49F Mostly Sunny
  Oct 02 75/34F Thunderstorms
Northwest Remotes
Tucumcari Oct 01 67/35F Mostly Sunny
  Oct 02 67/37F Mostly Sunny
Clovis Oct 01 70/38F Mostly Sunny
  Oct 02 70/F Partly Sunny
Artesia Oct 01 76/47F Partly Sunny
  Oct 02 77/51F Partly Sunny
Roswell Oct 01 72/32F Rain Showers
  Oct 02 63/34F Mostly Sunny
Southern Remotes
T or C Oct 01 64/34F Mostly Sunny
  Oct 02 67/38F Mostly Sunny
Alamogordo Oct 01 74/F Partly Sunny
  Oct 02 75/40F Partly Sunny

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