Small Business COVID-19 Relief Fund Application

Qualified accounts will be eligible for a one-time credit of 0.50 cents for every dollar paid, up to $250, not to exceed the total balance on the account on a first come first served basis.

Applications will be accepted through March 31, 2022 or until all funds have been allocated, whichever comes first. Deadline extended through September 30, 2022.

Program Requirements - To qualify, a small business must be:
  • Registered with the New Mexico Secretary of State.
  • An active non-residential, Small Volume Rate 54 customer. Please refer to page 2 of your NMGC bill.
  • A NM, locally-owned business with 50 or fewer employees.
  • Experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19, with an account at least 30 days in arrears.
  • Able to pay at least 15% of the past due balance and agree to enter into a payment arrangement for the remaining past due balance.


- -

I confirm I am an NM, locally-owned business with 50 or fewer employees.
I confirm the business currently has active service with NMGC.
I declare the information I have provided is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge.
I understand the information I have provided will be verified before eligibility is determined.