View Usage And Exit Fees


Current Transportation End-User - View Usage

If you are an end-user and you would like to view the last 36 months of your gas usage history, please have your New Mexico Gas Company account number and the Zip Code on your account ready. Your Shipper can provide this account number to you.

Click here when you are ready.

Current Sales Customer - Exit Fees

Please note -- The estimated calculations are specific to the months indicated and will materially differ from estimates for any other months. The estimated calculations represent our best prediction of costs in the future. This is an estimate and does not bind New Mexico Gas Company to a specific amount.

If you are currently a New Mexico Gas Company sales customer and you decide to purchase natural gas from a marketer, please note that exit fees or credits may be assessed on your final bill from New Mexico Gas Company at the time of the transfer. To receive an estimate of the exit fee or credit amount, please enter your gas account number here.

Beginning June 2021, the exit fee rates include the additional applicable cost of gas incurred by NMGC during the February 2021 Winter Weather Event. For additional information, please click here. To view the rates used for the exit fee calculation, click here.

For more information about exit fees, click here