HEAT For Help

If you need help paying your winter heating bills, New Mexico Gas Company wants to help you stay warm and safe. HEAT New Mexico is our heating assistance fund administered by the Salvation Army. The fund begins accepting applications for assistance in January of each year.  

Here is how to apply:

  1. First, apply for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) through your local Human Services Department office or the tribal or pueblo entity that administers a Tribe or Pueblo's LIHEAP. Applications are accepted beginning in October. More information and a LIHEAP application is available on our website — by clicking on the LIHEAP link — and at any of our walk-in business offices. You may also call New Mexico Human Services Dept customer service line at 800-283-4465 or the tribal or pueblo entity that administers a Tribe's or Pueblo's LIHEAP. 
  2. Go to any Salvation Army office or HEAT New Mexico service provider across the state to apply for HEAT New Mexico. Please call us 1-888-664-2726 to find a HEAT New Mexico location near you. 

When you visit the Salvation Army or participating HEAT New Mexico service provider, you will need to bring: 

  1. A valid ID for everyone in your household (photo copies are accepted). For adults, a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, is needed. For children, identification can include their birth certificate, immunization records, a school ID, or insurance card.
  2. The LIHEAP notification letter from the Human Services Department you received when applying for LIHEAP.
  3. Proof of income. Even if you don’t qualify for LIHEAP, you may still be able to get help through HEAT New Mexico.
  4. A copy of your current New Mexico Gas Company bill.

If you are unable to apply for HEAT New Mexico in person, you can designate someone to apply for you. Simply fill out and sign a HEAT New Mexico Third Party Authorization Form. A print-ready copy of the form is available on our website by clicking here. Copies of the form are also available at any of our walk-in business offices. The person you designate will need to bring this signed form and a copy of your ID when they apply for you.

Or, if you know of someone in need who is unable to apply in person, please help them apply.

For more information on applying for HEAT New Mexico assistance this winter, call the Salvation Army at 505-872-1171. Salvation Army can also provide information on other help that may be available.